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Career Coaching

Is Coaching Right for Me?

In coaching, you are ready for action.

  • You don't quite know how to get there, there may be roadblocks, and no matter what, you are open, present focused and ready to make the change
  • We explore your values, your goals, and choices from different vantage points
  • We might challenge you to go further than you have before, you may be a bit worried even scared, and still you are in the game
  • If needed, we utilize concrete tools:
  • Career Coaching can include branding and marketing yourself via a new resume, cover letters, networking virtually and in person, building a LinkedIn profile, creating a portfolio, setting up an Instagram account
To learn more about Creativity Coaching click here. If you are not sure whether you are looking for coaching or therapy please check out my Art Therapy/Psychotherapy page and learn how we can work together in Art Psychotherapy. If you are ready to be in action, let's meet.

Why Career Coaching with Linda?

Having spent 10 years as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Fashion institute of Technology (FIT) working with countless students and alumni as they ventured into careers in the Creative Professions, I am well equipped to support you in exploring creative career paths as well as in developing the branding and marketing skills to get you there. Do either of these fit you?

  • I am starting out and not sure how to begin
  • I am on a career path that is right for me and need the tools that will take me to the next level
Or these?
  • I am no longer, or have never been, happy in my current line of work/career
  • I have never done work that is meaningful to me and I am now ready to do so
  • I am ready to do work that aligns with my passions and values
If you are ready to determine and take steps towards your goals, let's connect.

Steps to Job Search Success

Branding and Marketing can seem like a daunting task when searching for a new job or upon changing careers. We break it down into simple and concrete steps such as:

  • Setting Goals
  • Create and/or Update Resume
  • Cover Letter Review
  • Portfolio Development (when relevant)
  • Networking Strategies, both online and in person
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Social Media
If you are open and ready to explore, let's connect and create a plan.

Ask questions, schedule an appointment, a consultation, register for, or plan a workshop?