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Strengthening Relationships Through Art Therapy

Have you had challenges with relationships— romantic or those with family, friends, colleagues, others?

If so, you may wonder if it is possible to change. 

I offer that it is not about change, it is about accessing and connecting to what is already inside.



By building and strengthening the relationship between us, and your relationship with yourself.

As trust builds in our relationship, it allows us to reflect together on what is happening in real time. Clients are often amazed by the healing capacity of working this way.

At the same time, using a variety of creative processes, we get to know and build compassion for the parts of you that have internalized negative beliefs. And as you begin to access what has been within all along, new behaviors and outcomes can be achieved.

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Workshops & Events

Do you have a significant life event coming up and are looking for a creative way to celebrate. We can design a special experience for you, your partner, friends, family, etc., using art, and creative play for a uniquely special time.


LoveSHOPs are specifically designed for 40+ individuals who are stuck around relationships. In these workshops, we work to create new ways of being with yourself, and through that new understanding, supporting you in accessing new ways of connecting with another.


LoveShops are co-facilitated with Jane Harris, Dating/Relationship Coach (see testimonials below).

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 Are You

  • Looking to connect to yourself in ways that will enable you to access connections with others?

  • Unable or struggling to connect with others in meaningful ways due to early life trauma, or a series of bad experiences?

  • Struggling to find, build and/or maintain relationships, romantic and/or otherwise?

  • In between romantic relationships, and looking to create a connection that works?

  • Dating and in need of support?

  • In a new relationship and looking to have a different and healthier experience?

  • In a relationship and having challenges/struggles?

  • Looking for a way to honor the relationship you have, and deepen it? 

  • Feeling stuck, not sure whether to end things, or knowing how to heal and move on?

  • Coming out of a relationship that did not work?

  • Mourning the loss of a loved one?

Using a framework of Art Therapy/Psychotherapy, as well as talking, coaching, mindfulness, parts work, etc., you can learn to recognize that past experiences do not have to determine future outcomes and that you can enter into, be in, and if needed, end relationships, in new and healthy ways.

The LoveShop made a huge difference in the way I look at men and relationships. It gave me an entirely new perspective. After each session we were given homework, they called it LoveWork, during the fourth session’s LoveWork, I met a prince! I am now in an amazing relationship, having the time of my life!”

- Kate, 43 (Kate met her future husband while doing a LoveShop/LoveWork exercise)

Ask questions, schedule an appointment, a consultation, register for, or plan a workshop?

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