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Career Coaching

Whether you are just starting your career, transitioning within your field, or ready to change completely, it can make a difference to have support along the way.

Depending on your goals, we will access the tools to move you forward. This can be envisioning new directions, moving beyond roadblocks, and/or branding and marketing yourself effectively.

Sign Post with Directions
Image by Jan Henckens

Are You Ready?

If you are looking for something to shift, don't quite know how to get there, are okay with bumps in the road, are open, present-focused and ready to take a leap, then yes, you are.

Through a combination of talk, transformational techniques and creative approaches, new awareness occurs, new actions are taken and you gain access to new ways of living.


Creativity Coaching

We are all creative beings and what that means for you is yours and yours alone.

Are you looking to connect to your creativity and finding yourself blocked? Are you not sure where to begin? Or do you know exactly where to begin yet something is in the way.

Working together, we explore what being creative and living creatively means for you. To do this, we use creative tools, explorations and approaches to bring forth what is already inside you.

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Ask questions, schedule an appointment, a consultation, register for, or plan a workshop?

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