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Individually Designed Workshops and Trainings

We can work together to develop workshops that meet your family | friends | group | company's specific needs. *If you are reaching out on behalf of a Not For Profit agency with little or no budget, am happy to discuss pro bono workshops.

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Image by Patricia Jekki

Special Occasion Experiences

Do you have a significant life event coming up and are looking for a creative way to honor and celebrate?  We can design a special experience for you, your partner, friends, family, etc., using art, and creative play for a uniquely special time.

An experience can also be created for a fun and unique date.

Creatively Connecting Workshop

Using guided imagery, visual arts, writing and play, we move between connecting with our self and with others. We spend time acknowledging and reflecting upon our internal gifts and strengths, and from this place we then create a communal project that enables us to connect safely, and playfully, with others.

Group of people creating art
workshop at a park

Stress Reduction and Relaxation Through the Arts

Who has not experienced stress! In this workshop you learn to pay attention to cues in your body, and using this awareness in combination with art, to relax. Participants leave with tools to do this on their own and many express feeling an increased sense of calm by the workshops end.

Building Bridges

From the creation of ones own foundation to the coming together of two or more, we literally build bridges to connect. This is a wonderful relationship, community and/or team building exercise. It can also be used to reflect upon how we currently engage with others in the workplace or at home, and to explore new and meaningful forms of communicating.

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group of people creating masks

Inside Out: Exploring the Relationship with Yourself via Mask-Making and Journaling

In this workshop you will use mask making and journaling to explore and expand upon your relationship with yourself. As the process of creating and journaling unfolds, you begin to recognize how creating even subtle shifts in your art, can have more than a subtle impact on the way you feel about yourself and who you choose to be in the world.

Inviting Your Inner Beauty Out

Each of us has a rich, complex inner world, some parts of which we are more connected to than others. Using creative tools including art and writing, you will have the opportunity to access your own internal gift(s) and explore how they can be shared in the world.

colorful paint brushes

Arts and Healing Workshop

In this specialized workshop, you will be taken on a creative journey to bring your internal and unconscious experience out into the world by using visual arts and play. If you are interested in exploring your creative self, whether or not you have had prior art experience, this workshop is a wonderful opportunity to paint and play while connecting to yourself and others.

Creative Arts Therapy (ACT): An Introduction

The purpose of this Creative Arts Therapies Course is personal growth and development, as well as to provide an opportunity to take away basic information for individuals interested in choosing a career in the CAT’s. Course Link and Description:

Image by Renee Fisher

LoveShop Series for 40+ Singles

LoveShop/WorkShops are for singles 40+ interested in creating love and partnership with themselves and with a partner. So many have a belief that there are no "good" available partners and/or struggle with trust. Too many have a belief that they don't deserve love. These workshops provide tools to support you in recognizing that love is possible and teach you to put the the tools you learn into action.

Jumpstart Your Life Workshop

JUMPSTART! workshops are powerful and effective half and one day workshops for individuals over 40 who are stuck in any area of life. Using a variety of creative arts and coaching tools, these small and intimate groups explore your blocks and you will leave with with new tools and clear objectives, as well as the opportunity for additional supports.

Image by Timo Volz

No More Job Search Anxiety

If you are looking to step out of worry and develop skills to effectively find employment, this workshop is for you. 

We will use creative approaches to explore what stands in your way and access the capacity to newly envision your future. 

We will then focus on concrete tools to assist you in searching with confidence. These include structuring your search, networking, resume, cover letter and thank you note writing as well as interviewing. 

Next virtual 2022 workshop series to be held on 4 Friday's: March, 25 and April 1, 8, 22. All 9:30 - 11am EST.

Ask questions, schedule an appointment, a consultation, register for, or plan a workshop?

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