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Creativity Coaching

Is Coaching for You?

In coaching, you are ready for action. You don't quite know how to get there, there may be roadblocks, and no matter what, you are open and ready to make the change

  • We explore your values, your goals, and choices from different vantage points
  • We might challenge you to go further than you have before, you may be a bit worried even scared, and still you are in the game
  • In Creativity Coaching we will use art exercises to build your creative muscles
If you would like to learn more about Career Coaching click here. If you are not sure whether you are looking for coaching or therapy please check out my Psychotherapy page and learn how we can work together in Art Psychotherapy. If you are ready to be in action, let's meet.

Why Creativity Coaching?

You may:

  • Have a secret desire to be an artist, yet have always been told not to listen
  • Know something is missing, sense it is related to creativity, just not sure what that means
  • Have a clear vision of what you are looking to acheive yet have no idea how to get there, and/or no belief that you can
  • Simply be curious, even though you are not sure why
  • Be ready to find your creative voice and let it fully shine
Wherever you are right now is the place where we jump into this journey, together.

How Does It Work?

We start where you are. If you find yourself blocked or scared we can explore the stories you were told or stories you tell yourself that stop you from expressing yourself and living creatively. Once we have accessed these, we learn to listen and understand them in new ways. This tends to open us up and allows access to what is already there, a connection to our creativity. Whether you have blocks or not, we ultimately use play, art, movement, journaling, voice, whatever makes a difference to fully access your Creative You. Finally we explore what is to live in your creative self freely and openly, coming out creative, and how it will look when you truly open up to having a creative and integrated life.

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