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Linda Turner, LCAT, LPAT
Art Therapist | Psychotherapist

Art Therapy in NYC

Do you struggle with creating, developing, growing and/or maintaining relationships, romantic or otherwise?


If so, let's work together to support you in building and having the loving/trusting relationships that you desire.

I offer a wide range of workshops from career focused to community building to stress reduction that can be brought to you, your organization, group, friends, or family.


We can also collaborate, and/or I can design a workshop/event for your specific needs.

Meet Linda Turner

What if the path to healing and growth can come from developing and building compassion as you learn to listen to, and understand your self, in new ways. And what if using creative and transformational approaches is a realistic route to change. And what if the start is doing it together.


As a NYC, and NJ, licensed Art Therapist/Psychotherapist /Coach with 20+ years experience, who is also trained in IFS, AF-EMDR and AEDP, as well as Somatic Psychotherapies, I have seen the power of Art Psychotherapy combined with other alternative approaches making THE difference.

Most clients seeking Art Psychotherapy come when struggling with relationship challenges, anxiety, grief, complex trauma, stress, depression, self-esteem and/or to explore life transitions. And with 10 years as an Assistant Professor, Career Counselor, Coach at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), I offer Career as well as Creativity Coach, having an active art making and selling process of my own. 


Linda Turner, LCAT
Morning Mist Over Trees

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

- Desmond Tutu

Art Therapy

Why Choose Art Therapy

  • You've not had success in talk only therapy

  • Creative approaches to life's challenges feels right

  • Research shows that trauma's often encoded in our brains via images before we have access to words to describe; you are ready to create images and find the words

  • Art is your passion; you want to use it or get back to it

  • You have difficulty, or don't always enjoy, verbalizing thoughts and feelings

  • You are creative and sense that working with another creative will make a difference for you

  • Doing art, even in therapy, can be fun!

  • Art making can provide a cathartic experience

  • You are seeking relief from stress and anxiety, art-making can lower cortisol levels that rise with stress

  • Art creation can increase serotonin, which activates feelings of pleasure, thereby reducing depression 

  • Creating art is non-linear; you can express multiple issues/challenges/conflicts at the same time and resolve them

  • You have experienced trauma, depression, loss/grief or anxiety and may not have the words to express your feelings

  • Even after reading about it, you're still not quite sure what Art Therapy is and are simply curious to give it a try

  •  It does not matter if you have ever used art before

Ask questions, schedule an appointment, a consultation, register for, or plan a workshop?

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